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Conservation Areas

To help protect places of particular architectural or historic interest they can be designated as conservation areas.
The first conservation areas were created in 1967 and there are now over 9300 in England.
The character of a conservation area is made up of its buildings, trees and open spaces, street pattern, landmarks and other features which give it a distinctive character.
Being a designated conservation area doesn't mean that these places have to remain frozen in time, change is often necessary to accommodate the demands of modern living. The challenge is how to preserve their special local 'character', rather than detract from it.

Below are some links to local Council Information on TPO and Conservation areas within their areas with downloadable forms. NBTS can provide a service in relation to the making of applications, and to written reports from Arboricultural Association Approved Consultants to support these.

In many instances carrying out work on a protected tree(s) or within a conservation area will necessitate the need for a tree survey in relation to bats and other protected species. Ring us for help

West Lancs.

Lancaster City Council.

Preston Council.

Blackpool Borough Council.

South Lakeland Council.

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