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Current and Recent Contracts

Here at Neil Buckley Tree Services we carry out a varied selection of Tree Care activities.

  • Recent work has featured on tree clearance on the Manchester Metro Link and on the new Manchester Airport Line. This work has presented various challenges from removing 90ft tall Lombardy Poplar’s over major road junctions to working from MEWPs over the Ashton Canal. We also planted several thousand plants on steep trackway embankments from rope and harness.
  • Extreme terrain and dangerous trees were some of the problems encountered whilst working on the 96 mile long Thirlmere Aqueduct which runs from Thirlmere reservoir to Heaton Park Reservoir near Bolton. Built between 1890 and 1925 upgrade work has recently been carried out which involved NBTS felling and pruning trees to allow access to isolated locations for construction contractors,and for helicopters to bring in construction materials. This work involved consultation with environmental agencies and protecting the habitat of many protected species. We were also contracted in the placement of bat boxes throughout the scheme.
  • The NHS takes the safety of its employees, visitors and their property very seriously. This has necessitated the felling and pruning of trees within their boundaries including car parks, recreational areas, roadways and removal of ivy from buildings. We are currently carrying out ongoing work from tree surveys carried out on their behalf.
  • As like many responsible organizations the YHA has commissioned tree surveys on all their property in the Lake District. This is a rolling tree care programme which we are engaged on.
  • UPM Tilhill is carrying out work on United Utilities Waste Water Treatment Works. We have been subcontracted to carry out some of the arboricultural work on this project and have recently completed the Garstang Works and have now finished the Preesall Site.Removing hedges at Preesall
  • Excavating ditches to lay land drainage for the NHS.
  • Site clearance and tree work at St. Johns Hospice at Lancaster.
  • Current work on the Whitewell Estate for the Duchy of Lancaster through Smiths Gore
  • Excavation for foundations for new warehouse and garage bases.

Apart from the above we have carried out private tree work throughout the North West Region including milling of timbers for garages, boat repairs and children’s climbing frames.

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