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Dangerous Trees

Trees are the responsibility of the person who owns the land on which they are growing, but this legislation gives Councils powers to deal with dangerous trees not owned by the council.

It is normally used as a last resort if the owner appears not to be doing anything about a dangerous tree, which might cause harm to someone else or their property. This usually takes the form of a Notice to make a tree Safe being served on the tree owner or occupier of the land.
The Act is intended for use where there is imminent danger or where there is an unreasonably high risk to persons or property.

Trees may become dangerous due to a singular event such as a storm, flood or vehicular damage in an accident, resulting in part, or all, of the tree presenting a danger to the public. Alternatively, a tree may reach a dangerous state by ongoing decay or disease, or may have grown in such a way as to be structurally unsound.

The difference between an imminent danger and a perceived danger must be drawn. An imminently dangerous tree is in a dangerous condition at the present time. For example, a large broken hanging branch or severed roots allowing an entire tree to rock at soil level. In addition, some trees may become dangerous through time because of an ongoing problem.

However, a perceived danger is the “dangerous” often used to describe a tall tree or one close to a building. Here the tree is not in a dangerous condition, but is perceived to be dangerous because of its existence.

It must be stressed therefore that, except in the most obvious cases, such as a broken branch hanging over a road, that only a qualified arboriculturist should be consulted to determine whether a tree is dangerous.

In this respect we have many years’ experience in dealing with these types of trees. We have the equipment, technical knowledge and staff to tackle a variety of situations.

If more comprehensive tests need to be carried out (i.e. decay detections) we can provide an Arboricultural Association Registered Consultant to compile these types of reports.

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