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Ecology Surveys, Bats and Wild Bird Protection

Improving our environmental and ecology performance is an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods. We carry out an ecological site environmental risk assessment before commencement of any works. It is often a planning requirement that when felling trees covered by a Tree preservation Order, work in a Conservation Area or other specified sites that a survey takes place in relation to bats and other European Protected Species. Advisory leaflets and guidance notes can be downloaded at Natural England Website.

It can be a minefield keeping on the right side of of these regulations but Neil Buckley Tree Services can help to make sure that any undertakings in tree care, tree surgery or ecology surveys are carried out correctly, safely and in compliance with the latest legislation.

It is usually a planning consideration that replacement trees be planted. Our staff can advise on appropriate species and we will supply and plant UK sourced trees of appropriate size for your location. We will advise and provide aftercare to ensure new trees survive and flourish. Wood that cannot be sold as timber (generally the small dimension material) is chipped. These chips are then used for compost or supplied to equestrian and wood energy markets.


All bats and their roosts are strictly protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) and the Conservation (Natural Habitats &c.) Regulations 1994 (as amended). Deliberately capturing, disturbing, injuring and killing bats is prohibited, as is damaging or destroying their breeding sites and resting places (roosts). All bats are European protected species.

At Neil Buckley Tree Services we can provide tree examinations by using our MEWP (mobile elevated lifting platform) or by climbing. We have recently worked in conjunction with Bowland Ecology  in the inspection of dangerous trees for bat habitats and the placement of bat boxes within the Grizedale Area of the Trough of Bowland and future development sites in the Central Lancashire Area.

Birds Nests.

All birds, their nests and eggs are protected by law and it is thus an offence, with certain exceptions to:

  • intentionally kill, injure or take any wild bird
  • intentionally take, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird whilst it is in use or being built
  • intentionally take or destroy the egg of any wild bird
  • have in one's possession or control any wild bird, dead or alive, or any part of a wild bird, which has been taken in contravention of the Act or the Protection of Birds Act 1954
  • have in one's possession or control any egg or part of an egg which has been taken in contravention of the Act or the Protection of Birds Act 1954
  • use traps or similar items to kill, injure or take wild birds
  • have in one's possession or control any bird of a species occurring on Schedule 4 of the Act unless registered, and in most cases ringed, in accordance with the Secretary of State's regulations (see Schedules)
  • Intentionally or recklessly disturb any wild bird listed on Schedule 1 while it is nest building, or at a nest containing eggs or young, or disturb the dependent young of such a bird.


The maximum penalty that can be imposed for an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act - in respect of a single bird, nest or egg - is a fine of up to £5,000, and/or six months' imprisonment.

Dealing with invasive plants and harmful weeds

Some non-native plant species can become a problem because they are bigger, faster-growing or more aggressive than native species. Giant Hogweed can grow up to 5 meters tall, and Japanese Knotweed can grow through concrete and walls, and has no known natural enemies in Britain. Find out how to identify common invasive plants and weeds and what your responsibilities are if they are growing on your land.

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