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Large And Heavy Tree Moving Equipment

The firm owns a large range of Arboricultural and plant equipment suitable to carry all aspects of tree work.
These include:-

  • A Timberwolf tracked 6 inch chipper which allows access to enclosed spaces and different types of terrain.
  • A Fixed 10 inch chipper attached to a Mercedes Unimog.
  • A 16 meter MEWP (mobile elevated working platform) which allows access to dangerous, dead and trees unsuitable for climbing. It also allows us to be more precise with pruning work and general tree care and is an added safety when using larger chainsaws to carry out sectional felling.
  • 2.8 ton excavator fitted with timber grab. This allows us co carry out ground clearance work in larger areas of woodland, and with the recovery of larger sections of timber for mobile milling. It alleviates the need for manual handling of timber making it beneficial for workers.
  • Timber trailer and crane. Again for the removal of larger sections of timber, speeding up the overall process of leaving the worksite clean and tidy. This saves on fuel making it more environmentally friendly.
  • 5 ton winch. Used in the directional felling of larger trees, and where trees are too dangerous to climb or work on. Winches are also used to deal with windblow (where trees have blown into other trees, usually lifting the root plate). This causes extreme tensions within the wood. These trees are extremely unstable and dangerous to work on. We have the expertise and equipment to deal with these types of trees.
  • Vermeer stump grinder. These are used in the removal of roots and stumps.
  • Tracked dumper and crane. Again used for the transportation of timber stems.
  • Variety of chainsaws, brush cutters, hedge trimmers etc to deal with any type of job.
  • Climbing and rigging equipment. All this equipment is certified under LOLER (Lifting Operations and
  • Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998).
  • All plant is certified where applicable under LOLER and PUWER (The Provision and Use of Work
  • Equipment Regulations 1998).



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