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Hedge Laying and Planting

Hedgerows are unique features in the modern landscape; remnants of historical land-use and land management they collectively constitute an enormous human cultural and nature conservation resource. Nevertheless, hedgerows and their wildlife face continuing challenges including removal, inappropriate management, fragmentation, and unknown climate-change impacts. The decline has now been halted and many miles of hedgerow are being restored. Legislation was introduced in 1997 to protect hedgerows.

Laying hedges is just one of the techniques in managing hedgerows. Other techniques include "Trimming" and "Coppicing" (Cutting off at ground level to encourage the hedge to regenerate). Left unmanaged a hedgerow will continue to grow upwards and outwards and will eventually become a line of trees. With regular trimming to maintain its strength and structure a good hedge will be good for many years.

There are different styles of hedge laying in different parts of the UK. Each style has been developed over many years to cope with the climate of the area, different farming practices and the type of trees and shrubs that grow in the hedge. There are more than thirty styles recorded in the UK

A good hedge affords shelter for livestock, and a precious haven for up to 600 plant species, 1,500 insects, 65 birds and 20 smaller mammals (including half of Britain's rarest). Also, it has a more pleasing visual effect.

Here at Neil Buckley Tree Services we have staff who can advise, plant and lay hedges. Please contact for information.

High Hedges

Since 1st June 2005, the High Hedges legislation came into force under Article 8 of the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003. If you have a hedge above 2 metres high you are required to ensure it does not block light, or cause a nuisance or loss of amenity to your neighbours. Local councils have information and the implementations of the legislation, what should be done prior to complaining and what charges are applicable.

We offer a service where hedges that have become unmanageable can be felled or trimmed.

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