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Saw Mill, Mobile Milling and Wood-Mizer Operations

The trees in your garden are a valuable renewable resource that can save or make you money. Our aim is to put renewable and sustainable tree management into practice. Trees that must be felled are often left to rot, used as garden chippings or firewood. Instead you can ensure that the tree is used to its maximum potential by converting them into useful and valuable timber.

Using either our Wood-Mizer L25 or Wood-Mizer LT15 mobile sawmill (Wood-Mizer is the undisputed world leader in sawmill sales, with over 40 000 sawmills in use throughout the world) we can come to you and cut up your timber to your specification. A felled tree worth almost nothing on the ground can be milled into planks, posts, beams, boards etc worth hundreds of pounds. This can be used by the land owner for their own use or sold on for profit.

Alternatively we can arrange to have it transported to our premises for fixed site milling. We can provide this service as a day rate contractor. We work in the North West area but are prepared to travel further afield with the sawmills subject to a mileage charge. For more details on this please contact us.

We currently have ash, larch, oak and some yew stems suitable for milling or turning. Please contact for up to date lists on size and prices.

Recent Projects.

  • Quantities of larch for the renovation of a shrimp boat that will be put back to its original use.
  • Supply of larch timbers for children’s climbing frames.
  • Oak floorboards for a house renovation.
  • Ash for a carpenter whose passion is guitar making.
  • Pine and larch for structural timber in a house build (see photos)

Isn't it time you used the renewable resource on your property?

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