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Shrimp Boat Renovation

Last year a friend and local shrimper in Morecambe Bay located an old shell of a shrimp boat near Glasson Dock in Lancashire. The boat is of the old wide bottom shallow beam type, in the main constructed from larch. It was in bad state of repair with rotten timbers and beams, broken engine and other non functioning mechanical parts.

The boat was relocated to his work yard for renovation to begin. Larch trees that we had felled locally were cut on our Wood-Mizer saw mill were used to replace the rotten timbers and beams. The work is ongoing with the engine, gearbox and shaft to be fitted, decking to be milled out of larch again, and the timbers resealed.

I will update this feed when the project progresses.


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Stump Grinding

This beech tree had been sectionally dismantled by ourselves and now the stump had to be ground out. The stump produced a full tipper load of wood, which was used for firewood, and two loads of arisings.

Contact us with your requirements.


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Dangerous Tree

Recent heavy rains had washed away the soil, exposing the root system of this beech tree near Dolphinholme. The tree overhangs a bridge on the public footpath over a stream. In order for workmen to carry out works repairing the bridge the tree had to be sectionally dismantled, with care being taken not to contaminate the waterway with arisings etc.


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Forest Roadways

Besides tree work, other services we provide include digging of foundations, ground clearance and access routes. These photographs show Neil in the South Lakes digging out an original forest trackway to safely allow the safe extraction of logs to the roadside.

Can we help you with these types of jobs? Contact us for details of what we can provide.


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Dangerous Beech

This large beech tree, subject to a TPO (tree preservation order)  required felling in a rear garden due to a tree survey indicating a dead canopy and limbs. These could have caused serious damage and injury to occupiers of the house and adjoining property, as well as traffic and pedestrians on the main road and footpath underneath. The tree had to be sectionally dismantled.

The tree produced 10 tipper loads of wood, 3 loads of chip and one of sawdust ( produced whilst cutting the wood into manageable sized pieces).All these materials have been recycled. Part of the TPO conditions require a replacement tree be planted.

If you require work on dangerous trees, replanting, or help with TPO’s contact us.


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Wood Carvings

The APF Exhibition is the UK’s largest showcase for woodland, forestry, arboriculture, fencing, trees and timber. The European Chainsaw Carving Championships were held over the three day event and I’ve included some pictures and video clips taken on day 2 so most of the carvings are still to be completed. Even so you can see the superb quality of the carvings.Click on the links below.


Wooden Knight

The Three Bears

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Now is the time of year to consider your firewood requirements for the coming winter. If you have space to store wood in a dry, well ventilated area then  a  money saving option would be to buy part seasoned firewood. We can supply builders type bags or full loads locally.

We also have a limited supply of fully seasoned, locally sourced hardwood logs that we have processed at our premises.

Contact us now on 07929826852 for details.

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APF 2012 will be held at Ragley Estate, Alcester, Warwickshire on the 13/14/15th September 2012

The APF Exhibition is the UK’s largest showcase for woodlands, forestry, arboriculture, fencing, trees and timber. Over 250 exhibitors and 20000 visitors are expected over the three days.

You will to able to see some world class, rarely seen, and exciting competitions and events including the Husqvarna World 25m poleclimbing championships, the A W Jenkinson and UPM Tilhill European Chainsaw Carving Championships, the European Horse Logging Championships, the World Log To Leg Pole Lathe turning championships, displays of the five disciplines of the World Logging Championships and the UK forwarder driving championships.


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Chalara dieback of ash

A press release from the Forestry Commission regarding a new outbreak of Chalara dieback of ash in Scotland is asking everyone, but especially those who have planted ash trees in the last five years, to check them for symptoms and report anything suspicious to the Forest Research’s Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service (0131 445 2176  or e-mail ).

The disease, which has recently been recorded at three nursery sites / locations in England, has the potential to kill millions of ash trees if it spreads into the natural environment – as it has done in Europe, including the death of an estimated 60 to 90 per cent of Denmark’s ash trees.

This applies principally to professionals working in the forestry and tree sectors, but it is also relevant to anyone who looks after land with ash trees on it.”

Common ash is a deciduous species native to much of Europe, including the British Isles. Its timber is dense, strong but flexible, and was traditionally used for making tool handles and furniture, but is now more commonly used for flooring and high-end, bespoke uses. It also makes excellent firewood. See More information at

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The Tree Council

Do you want to be involved in tree planting, care and conservation, whilst enjoying the outdoors? then think of becoming a Tree Warden or volunteer with the Tree Council. This body was founded in 1974, with government backing to improve the environment by creating local projects for the benefit of the community.

Most local councils run schemes with local co-ordinators. Some contact details are listed here.

West Lancashire

Coordinator: David Thornber

Telephone: 01695 585 114



Coordinator: Tree Officer

Telephone: 01772 906471



Coordinator: Alan Bothamley

Telephone: 01257 235 801



Coordinator: Alison Boden

Telephone: 01253 887505/07989 579423


If you care for and want to get involved with your local environment and the future of the visual impact that trees can have , get in touch. Take your children who can learn about the environment in a fun setting.

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