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Chalara dieback of ash

A press release from the Forestry Commission regarding a new outbreak of Chalara dieback of ash in Scotland is asking everyone, but especially those who have planted ash trees in the last five years, to check them for symptoms and report anything suspicious to the Forest Research’s Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service (0131 445 2176  or e-mail ).

The disease, which has recently been recorded at three nursery sites / locations in England, has the potential to kill millions of ash trees if it spreads into the natural environment – as it has done in Europe, including the death of an estimated 60 to 90 per cent of Denmark’s ash trees.

This applies principally to professionals working in the forestry and tree sectors, but it is also relevant to anyone who looks after land with ash trees on it.”

Common ash is a deciduous species native to much of Europe, including the British Isles. Its timber is dense, strong but flexible, and was traditionally used for making tool handles and furniture, but is now more commonly used for flooring and high-end, bespoke uses. It also makes excellent firewood. See More information at

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