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Electricty and Trees

Large Sycamore next to power lines

Carrying out tree work near electricty power lines require expertise and organising skills. The picture above shows a large sycamore in the South Lakes which we were contracted to carry out work on. The tree had large limbs overhanging  a high voltage power line which ran to the front and side.

Many regulations come into force when dealing with trees and electric. These are strictly enforced to prevent injury and death to the workforce, and damage to the electricty supply.

The local council had to be contacted regarding Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Areas etc that may apply to the tree or the area.

The electricty board responsible for the power lines  have to be contacted so that the work could be programmed in with other maintenance work on the electricty supply line. A Senior Authorised Person appointed in writing by the DNO  then had to  issue a permit to work. The linesmen then needed to make the line safe and remain on site whilst we carried out the work.

Here at Neil Buckley Tree Services we have over ten years experience in carrying out arboricultural work for Utility companies on power line clearance. We have the appropriate insurance, experience and technical knowledge, and the right equipment.

Carrying out arboricultural work next to electricty lines requires planning which may take many weeks to organise. If your thinking of having work done now or in the foreseeable future,Contact us on 07929826852 to discuss your requirements.


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