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Electricty and Trees

Large Sycamore next to power lines

Carrying out tree work near electricty power lines require expertise and organising skills. The picture above shows a large sycamore in the South Lakes which we were contracted to carry out work on. The tree had large limbs overhanging  a high voltage power line which ran to the front and side.

Many regulations come into force when dealing with trees and electric. These are strictly enforced to prevent injury and death to the workforce, and damage to the electricty supply.

The local council had to be contacted regarding Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Areas etc that may apply to the tree or the area.

The electricty board responsible for the power lines  have to be contacted so that the work could be programmed in with other maintenance work on the electricty supply line. A Senior Authorised Person appointed in writing by the DNO  then had to  issue a permit to work. The linesmen then needed to make the line safe and remain on site whilst we carried out the work.

Here at Neil Buckley Tree Services we have over ten years experience in carrying out arboricultural work for Utility companies on power line clearance. We have the appropriate insurance, experience and technical knowledge, and the right equipment.

Carrying out arboricultural work next to electricty lines requires planning which may take many weeks to organise. If your thinking of having work done now or in the foreseeable future,Contact us on 07929826852 to discuss your requirements.


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Lancashire Woodlands Project

The Lancashire Woodlands Project (LWP) has a long track record of working with land and woodland owners in the county to help them create and manage woodland for wildlife, for people and for timber production.  In the last few years it has also worked to promote wood fuel as a source of low carbon energy and as a useful product to boost woodland owner’s income.

The LWP continues to do all of these things and more (notably working with community groups) but continually needs to develop new contacts with landowners to encourage the management of woodlands and the planting of new ones.

Forestry Commission grants and the improving price of timber means the time is right to get woodlands into management schemes.  This is where the LWP can help with free advice and assistance with grant applications.

If you own land which you could plant new woodland or own existing woodlands which are under-managed please contact me to discuss the options available.

Paul Bullimore

Lancashire Woodlands Project Officer

Lancashire County Council

Area Office

Cuerden Way

Bamber Bridge



01772 533917

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Chatsworth House Wood Milling

Chatsworth House, set in the heart of the Peak District in Derbyshire  is famous for its art collections, garden sculpture, and the recent BBC TV series. Bronze busts set on oak pedestals by Angela Conner feature in a garden exhibition. These solid oak pedestals were machined from trees  felled on the Chatsworth Estate on a mobile  Wood-mizer by James (our dry wall walling and hedge laying man). These first series of photographs show part of the process from the felling of the trees to the set up of the wood-mizer. Further photographs will be shown of the installation of the pedestals and the TV crew filming the process.

If you require any wood milling, dry stone walling, hedge laying or require to purchase sections of oak, ash, larch  or yew, contact us on 07929826852 for information.



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Build a Shave Horse

Learn how to build a shave horse on 28th & 29th July at the Hay Bridge Nature Reserve in the South Lakes.

You will be taught how to cleave and shape the wood using only hand tools and turn wood using a traditional pole lathe.

Contact Vicky on Tel: 07981799919

Email: or Facebook under Coppice Wood Crafts.

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Dangerous Trees

Ivy covered dead trees present the arborist with a variety of problems. They hide broken limbs, poor joints, hide birds’ nests and squirrel drays and are usually full of creepy crawlies (plenty of new bites today). Today we had to fell three sycamores covered with ivy. Two were dead with branches overhanging garages, a greenhouse, a swimming pool and garden fencing. The third still live but overhanging domestic property. No problems there then!

After first clearing the ivy from the bases of the trees the canopy was removed using rigging equipment. The upper most stem   was sectionally felled to a point where work could commence on the second tree. This tree was to dangerous to climb as the whole tree was  moving with the lightest of touches. Ivy covered the stem and branches and the tree was leaning towards structures to the side and back.The only way to carry out work was to use the first tree as a platform and gradually remove branches leaving the stem using “busby”(extendable chainsaw ). The stem was then sectionally dismantled  as it could not be straight felled due to the restricted location. Patience was the name of the game.

The third tree presented fewer problems as it could be safely climbed. Branches were lowered using rigging and the stem sectionally dismantled and lowered.

Although the majority of wood is dead it will make excellent firewood which can be burned  straight away.

If you require our services to remove dangerous trees in difficult locations contact us.


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Traditional English Longbow

If your interested about the history of the longbow and how it is used, enjoy a long weekend on 25th, 26th and 27th August (Bank Holiday weekend) with Longbow specialist Tony Saunders in the beautiful and wildlife rich Hay Bridge Nature Reserve, near Bouth in the South Lakes.. You will learn how to manipulate and craft wood into one of the most important weapons in British History.You will also make an arrow and your own bowstring.

To book or for more information please contact Vicky


Tel: 07981799919 or Facebook under Coppice Wood Crafts.



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Tree Services

Welcome to The Neil Buckley Tree Services Blog. Please check soon,

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