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Spraying of trees, plants and weeds is carried out for many different reasons.Preventative tree spray is when an arborist is attempting to stop damage from an insect pest or tree disease. New species of insect pests are regularly being discovered, many of which have been imported through contaminated products and trees that were once immune from certain diseases are now being affected

Curative tree sprays are done after the tree pest is already present. In many cases this can prevent further damage.Spraying to kill weeds or tree stumps to prevent regrowth.

Many different diseases and pests affect trees and shrubs. Control of these cannot be properly accomplished until the disease/pest is identified. Identification of tree and shrub diseases is crucial because, although most diseases can be controlled, there are some diseases that cannot be controlled and felling might be the only option.

Neil Buckley Tree Services can identify the disease and apply the right treatments available to control the disease. Many commercial treatments are not available to the public, many of which require specific Personnel Protection Equipment and application equipment which NBTS utilise. The Royal Horticultural Society has produced a list of the more common diseases affecting trees and shrubs.

HSE Forms

At Neil Buckley Tree Services we have developed our own forms to comply with HSE and other regulatory bodies, including Site Specific Risk Assessments, Methodology Statements, COSHH assessments, Environmental Surveys etc. If we can assist you in creating your own form requirements contact us.

First Aid Courses.

Paul Buckley is an Emergency First Response Instructor who can provide First Aid Courses in Primary Care, Secondary Care, AED and Oxygen Administration. These courses can be tailored to meet additional certain needs within the arboricultural industry, whilst covering all the original course material. Paul will shortly be able to carry out Manual Handling Courses.

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