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Many tree removal operations within Conservation Areas or those subject to a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) require the replanting of replacement trees.

Neil Buckley Tree Services (NBTS) can supply or supply and plant most species of hardwood or softwood individual specimen trees sourced locally.

Trees are supplied by nurseries in three basic ways, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Bare root

Bare root trees are field grown trees that are lifted shortly before sale, with the roots being protected from drying out by plastic or similar. Bare root trees tend to be cheaper and usually only relatively small stock is available in this form. They must be planted during the dormant season, shortly after lifting, and care is necessary to avoid letting the roots dry out.

Root balled

The tree has been lifted from the ground in which it grew and a ball of root and soil retained. This is often wrapped in hessian sacking or similar. It may also be placed in a container, and in this case should not be confused with container grown trees. Root balled trees can be stored for a short time after purchase.

Container grown

Container grown trees are sold in the container in which they have been grown. If you really have to plant a tree other than in the dormant season (try to avoid this) container grown trees are a must. They require more careful watering in the nursery and tend to be more expensive to buy.

Planting of specimen trees is usually done in autumn and early winter, but containerised specimens can sometimes be planted outside of this period.

NBTS can advise on the best species for your situation or aspect. Factors to consider include height and spread and season of interest - are you planting the tree for its flowers, foliage, fruits, autumn colours?

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