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Visual Timber Grading and Grading Courses

Put at its simplest, strength grading, formerly known as stress grading, is a method of determining the strength of a piece of timber (both softwoods and hardwoods) destined for structural use. Strength grading may be carried out by either visual or mechanical methods; visually by individually licensed operatives and mechanically by companies operating individually licensed strength grading machines.

The visual strength grading process is undertaken by specially trained individuals licensed by independent third party certification companies including, G.A.T.G, BM TRADA Certification, BRE QA and BSI QA. Visual strength graders examine each piece of timber assess it for the presence of naturally occurring growth characteristics which affect strength, including knots and slope of grain. Grading rules specify acceptable limits for these features

We have a G.A.T.G Certified Visual Grading Strength trainer and examiner who can provide courses in the above. Contact us for details.

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